We promote NGOs you support as Brands

Many corporates, corporate foundations, funding agencies, philanthropists, celebrities financially support NGOs (NPOs). Some share the names while others dont share the names of all the NGOs thinking that they are doing their job.But having worked in Advertising & PR, founder Sanjay Kunud Moreshwar Bapat knows that people even brand gods. And Brands get recognition.NGOs need financial support as well as visibility from celebrities because then they can not only attract more volunteers but they get money to serve more numbers and can add more communities or other areas which the community needs but is not the focus of NGO (the NGO may be helping in education in rural area but the need of community is employment, income generation and water, so the NGO can partner with other NGO)
You can share the NGO you support and as responsibility, CSRidentity.com will share it free in related country or related district of social issues, and we plan to share links to NGOs or funding agencies or corporates .... so that related people can contact directly and not through us.
Donors may not like just anybody contacting them.
So we have decided to share their website (not email) so that people will see which issue they support and which area they support and then contact related donor.