Bishnupur District In Manipur
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Soldiers, Police, Below the poverty line people who live with humanity, Social workers, NGO Founders, Hospital staff, Health care workers, Chemists, Medicines Trees, Forests, Medicinal plants, Rivers , Extinct animals, Homes, Climate, People working in crematorium

Allied Foundation For Socio-Economic Development
Art And Culture Research Institute
Asha Foundation For Culture And Development
Association For Rural Developmwnt And Women Empowerment
Birachandra And Ibobi Charitabletrust
Bishnupur District Huyel Langlon Thang Ta Association
Bishnupur District Rural Social Welfare Society
Centre For Cultural Promotion
Chongnga Foundation Wangoo
Community Development Organisation
Cultural And Heritage Promotion Centre
Development On Communication Arts And Culture Science Economic An Education Centre D Cacus Educa
Equipping New Life
Floating Hut Repertory Thanga
Gourathambal Charitable Trust
H Loidang Devi Foundation
Hills And Valleys Charitable Trust
Humanity Organisation For Peace And Education
Ibudhou Loyalakpa Manipuri Dance Group
Ibuthou Tangleibung Development Group Association
Ima Panthoibi Huyel Langlon Thang Ta And Cultural Association
Imoinu Foundation
Institution For Research And Development Alternatives
Integrated Rural Development Centre
Integrated Rural Upliftment Society
Iramdam Development Organisation
Islamic Social Educational And Cultural Development Orgn
Jeena Dance Academy
Khoriphaba Artistes Association
Khungang Shemgat Lup
Kwasiphai Youths Volunteer Organisation
Loyalakpa Manipuri Dance Group
Mainu Yaima Educational Trust
Mangal Sintha Tengbang Lup
Manipur Foundation
Manipur Jesuit Educational Society
Manipur Nature Cure And Yoga Hospital
Meitei Pressytery Society
Modern Economic Resource Advance Development Centre
Network Of Economy And Welfare Service
New Hope Life Foundation For Disabilities
New Life Foundation
New Model Educational Society
Nirpu Tribal Hindi Prachar Parishad
Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay Institute Of Agricultural Sciences
Parents Foundation Trust
Peace Keepers Foundation
Peoples Foundation Manipur
Peoples Resource Development Association
Priya Cultural Academy
Prospective Repertory Theatre Society
Public Theatre Artistes Association
Rajesh Puni Poirei Yaifa Foundation
Reliable Association For Mankind
Research Centre For Traditional Folk Music
Rising Sun
Rongmei Christian Development Society
Rural Area Development Centre
Rural Area Women And Child Educational Development Society
Rural Pioneer Services
Rural Upliftment And Development Organisation
Save Children Save Society Academy Sacsas Academy
Skill And Economic Development Organisation
Social Development Organisation
Social Economic And Youth Development Organisation
Social Upliftment Society
Social Woman Development Organisation (Swdo)
Society For Empowerment Of The Disabled
St. John Educational Trust
Surjit And Binita Charitable Trust
Sustainable Development Centre
Terakhong Mamang Leikai Mahila Mandal
Thanga Island Modern English School
Thanga Pt-Ii Sat Sanga Goura Sampraday
The Abdeitya Dramatic Union
The Acquire Fidelity For Forward Research And Development Society
The Advance Educational Society
The Apabi Memorial Hindi Mahavidyalaya
The Balananda Football Academy
The Bishnupur District Milk Cooperative Union
The Brightways
The Chairen Leingangtabi Handloom & Handicrafts Cooperative Society Limited
The Charity Foundation Society
The Development And Protection, United Voluntary Organisation
The Diligent Public School Development & Welfare Association
The Gopinath Leikai Weaver Co Operative Society Limited
The Gopinath Road Handloom & Handicrafts Co-Operative Society Limited
The Integrated Rural Area Development Organization
The Kangleipak Institute Of Information Technology And Youth Skill Development Cs Ltd
The Keibul Lamjao Hindi Mahavidyalaya
The Kumbi Khullakpam Leikai Women Association
The Kwakta Educational Volunteers Union
The Laingoubi Handloom Weavers Cooperative Society Limited
The Laishram Livestock Cum Dairy Co-Operative Society Ltd
The Leimapokpam Mayai Luwangli Weavers Co Operative Society Limited
The Lingthoingambi Art And Cultural Development Organisation
The Loukoipat Area Womens Development Society
The Loyalam Women Association
The Moirang Thanga Skill Workers Development Cooperative Society
The Multipurpose Development Association
The Multipurpose United Weaver Handloom & Handicrafts Co-Operative Society
The New Leaf Association
The Pari Imom Kanba Lup
The People's Welfare And Development Association
The Plain And Hills Development Organisation
The Practical Authentic Life
The Public Educational Voluntary Sports Social & Cultural Organisation
The Radha Madhava Sanskrit Vidyalaya
The Rural Development Organisation
The Rural Economic Development And Environmental Organisation
The Rural Educational And Socio Economic Development Orgn
The Rural Environmental Development Association
The Rural Upliftment And Empowerment Organisation
The Social Development Association
The Social Economic And Development Association
The Taibang Yaipha Lamjing Shang
The Tamphayai Cultural Academy
The Temple Of Art And Culture Centre
The Thangalawai Mamang Leikai Handloom & Handicrafts Co Op Society
The Thangjing Art And Cultural Academy
The Thinungei Makha Leikai Handloom & Handicrafts Coop Society Limited
The Trimurty Handloom & Handicrafts Co-Operative Society
The Utlou Weavers Co Operative Society Ltd
The Wahengkhuman Mayai Leikai Handloom And Handicrafts Cooperative Society
The Whole Kumbi Womens Association
The Women Handloom&Handicrafts Co Operative Society
The Word Of God For Asia
The Yaipha Thourang Handloom & Handicrafts Co-Operative Society Limited
The Youth Development Association
Thoibi Thang Ta Cultural Association
Thounaojam Chaothoi Memorial Trust
Tiddim Road Unique Gamy Players Union (Trugpu)
Tidim Peoples Foundation
United Peoples Development Organisation (Updo)
United Peoples For Social Economic Cultural & Sports Development Orgn
United Women Organisation Uwo
Utlou Joint Farming Cum Pisciculture Cooperative Society Ltd
Vishnu Art & Culture Research & Training Centre
Voice For Development
Women Development Organisation
Women Income Development Association
Women's Multipurpose Co-Operative Society Ltd
Yaiphanaba Kangleipakee Oiba Lup
Young Advance Honesty Organisation

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