Chennai District In Tamil Nadu
NGO Brands & NGO Selling agents

Distrtict Collector
Member Of Parliament
Distrtict Celebrities (Non Political, Non Criminal)
Tourism Locations
We Salute

Soldiers, Police, Below the poverty line people who live with humanity, Social workers, NGO Founders, Hospital staff, Health care workers, Chemists, Medicines Trees, Forests, Medicinal plants, Rivers , Extinct animals, Homes, Climate, People working in crematorium

A C T Educational And Charitable Trust
A D S Educational Trust
A R Rahman Foundation
A T M Trust
A.K.Jothipandiyan Charitable Trust
Aalayam Kanden Trust
Aanand Charitable Trust
Aashraya Andhra Mahila Sabha
Abk Aots Dosokai Tamilnadu Centre
Academy Of Maritime Education And Training
Action Improving Mankind Aim
Active Faith Foundation
Adaikalam Trust
Adinath Jain Trust
Advanced Manufacturing Technology Development Centre
Agape Life Line
Agape Rehabilitation Trust
Agape Welfare Trust
Agaram Foundation
Aide Et Action India
Aikia Alayalm
Aim For Seva
Aishwarya Trust
Akara Foundation For Education And Research
Akp Fine Arts
Akshar Educational Trust
Akshaya Trust
All India Bar Advocates And Law Students Federal Association Trust
All India Chess Federation
All India Federation Of Pensioners Associations Chennai
All India Movement For Service
All The Children
Almadarasathun Niswanul Faizul Barakath Trust
Alpha Omega Educational Trust
Altius Foundation
Alumni Association Of Ceg 1990
Am Kanniappa Mudaliar And Amk Jambulinga Mudaliar Educational Trust
Amala Annai Charitable Trust
Ambattur Indusrial Estate Manufacturers' Association
Ambattur Pudur Arthamulla Magalir Nala Sangam
Ambattur Rotary Charitable Trust
Amenity Lifeline Emergency Response Team
American Baptist Foreign Mission Society
Amita Foundation
Anandha Charitable Trust
Anandha K Koothu Trust
Anbu Karangal
Angelo Foundation For Children And Aging
Anjugam Education Trust
Annai Bharatha Matha Educational Charitable Trust
Annai Fathima Ra Trust
Annai Smt Thailammal Anmaneya Love Of Soul Charitable Trust
Annai Teresa Charitable Trust
Annai Veilankannis
Antony Foundation
Apollo Hospitals Educational And Research Foundation
Apostolic Christian Assembly Prayer House
Apostolic Christian Evangelistic Association
Apostolic Evangelical Christian Church Charitable Trust
Apostolic Faith Mission
Araiising Educational And Charitable Trust
Archdiocese Of Madras Mylapore
Arise And Build Christian Prayer Fellowship Trust
Ariyakudi Sri Sreenivasa Perumal Trust
Ark India Service Society
Ark Trust - India
Arshiya Educational Health And Charitable Trust
Arul Jyothi Trust
Aruljothi Educational Trust
Arunodhaya Centre For Street And Working Children
Arvind Foundation
Asha Nivas Social Service Centre
Asian Network For Innovatve Training Trust
Asian Youth Centre
Association For Non Traditional Employment For Women
Association For Sarva Seva Farms
Association For The Rural Poor
Association Of Bharatanatyam Artistes Of India
Association Of Health Food Nutrition And Dietetics
Atc Road, Ambattur Industrial Estate, Chennai 600 058
Athena Trust
Aum Performing Arts
Avvai Home And Orphanage
Ayngaran Public Charitable Trust
B.S.Abdur Rahman Institute Of Science And Technology
Bala Dhana Trust
Bala Mandir Kamaraj Trust
Balaji Charitable Trust
Balamandir Research Foundation
Balavidyalaya Trust
Benze Charitable Trust
Berachah Prophetic Ministries
Besant Nagar Manavalakalai Mandam Trust
Bethany Educational And Socialtrust
Bethel Mission
Bethel Missions Of India
Bethel Sharon Ministries
Betheltruth Ministry Trust
Bharat Computer Systems
Bharatha Human Value Foundation
Bharathya Christi Seva Dal Trust
Bhartiya Mahila Evam Gramin Utthan Sansthan
Bhoomika Trust
Bhumi Chennai
Bhuvana Foundation
Bird Memorial Childrens Home Trust
Birds Nest Charitable Trust
Blessed Sacrament Development Society
Blessing Rock Education And Development Trust
Blink Foundation
Blue Cross Of India
Bodhi Charitable Trust
Bon Secours Social Service Society
Bridge Academy Fine Arts And Educational Trust
Britto Spastics Society
Bro Siga Social Service Guild
Brotherhood Missions
Buelah Educational Health And Public Charitable Trust
Burma Tamil Muslim Kalvi Sangam
Calvary Baptist
Cancare Foundation
Capz Foundation
Care India
Care Serve India Charitable Trust
Caruna Bal Vikas
Ccfc Foundation
Ccoorr Christian Council For Rural Development And Research
Ceg 94 Trust
Centenary Charitable Trust
Center For The Welfare Of The Aged
Centre For Action Research On Environmnet Science And Society
Centre For Child Rights And Development
Centre For Development And Women's Studies
Centre For Development Of Disadvantaged People
Centre For Indian Knowledge Systems
Centre For Policy Studies
Centre For Research On New International Economic Order
Centre For Traditional Medicine And Research
Centre For Womens Development And Research
Centre Of Excellence For Change Management
Ceyrac Trust
Cfrm Educational Charitable Trust
Chandra Munu Adhi Educational Trust
Charis Foundation
Charsur Arts Foundation
Chartian Educational&Health Trust
Chatnath Trust
Chennai Christian Charitable Trust
Chennai Church Of Christ
Chennai Fine Arts
Chennai Lions Eye Bank Trust & Rio Goh Research Foundation
Chennai Lions Foundation For The Blind
Chennai Liver Foundation
Chennai Mylai Educational Society
Chennai Pharma Industrial Infrastructure Upgradation Company
Chennai Vision Charitable Trust
Chidambaram Trust
Child Aged Relief And Enlightment Charitable Trust
Child Care And Development Trust
Children's Home Of Hope
Childrens Paradise Trust
Christ Church Anglo-Indian Higher Secondary School
Christ Lutheran Church Charitable Society
Christian Comforting Ministries
Christian Family Church International India
Christian Institute Of Management
Christian Media Centre Of India Trust
Christian Mission Of South India
Christian Missions Charitable Trust
Christian Truth Book Room
Christian Workship Centre
Christwood Educational Trust
Church Growth Association Of India
Church Of Chennai Ministries
Church Of Christ Charitable Trust
Church Of Christ Fellowship Of India
Church Of South India Diocese Of Madras
Church Of South India Kalyani General Hospital
Church Of South India Synod
Church Of The Living God
Citizen Consumer And Civic Action Group (Cag)
Civic Issues,Disaster Management,Education & Literacy
Coastal Poor Development Action Network
Cognizant Foundation
Commission For Social Communications Society
Community Action Trust
Community Development Information And Action Centre
Community Health Education Society
Community Service Centre
Comprehensive Medical Services India
Computational Intelligence Research Foundation
Confederation Of Indian Organisations For Service & Advocacy
Confederation Of Tamil Agriculture Commerce Industry And Services
Conservative Baptist Mission Trust Of Madras
Consumers Association Of India
Contactions India Trust
Cpb Foundation
Cpr Environmental Education Centre
Cross Fire Charitable Trust
Cross Fire Ministries Charitable Trust
Csr World Creations Social Welfare Trust
D S Special Children Welfare Association
Dakshina Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha
Dalit Welfare Trust
Damien Foundation India Trust
Datri Blood Stem Cell Donors Registry
Daughters Ofst Camillus
David Educational And Charitable Trust
Dawn Mission Trust
Day Spring Centre
Dean Foundation
Deena Bandhu Ashram Krk Trust
Deenabandupuram Fellowship
Deep Foundations Institute Of India
Deepam Educational Society For Health
Deepwoods Initiatives On Environment Trust
Desire India
Destitutes And Leprosy Patients Rehabilitation Trust
Destitute's Charitable Trust
Development Promotion Group
Dharma Sanjeevinee Bhavanam
Dhyana Ashram
Discipleship And Leadership Ministries Trust
Dishaa Charitable Trust
Divine Light Movement Charitable Trust
Diya Trust Of India
Dms Trust
Don Bosco Anbu Illam Social Service Society
Don Bosco Beatitudes Social Welfare Centre
Don Bosco Foundation Madras
Don Bosco Vazhikaati Educational And Charitable Society
Dorcas Research Centre For Education, Art And Culture
Dr A R Vivekananda Raja Rural Medical Trust
Dr Ghosh Charitable Trust
Dr Kishore Bohra Eye Charitable Trust
Dr Mani Children Heart Foundation
Dr. John Joseph Foundation
Dr.Mehta's Medical Trust
Drinking Water,Education &
Drinking Water,Education & Literacy,Food Processing,Health & Family
Drinking Water,Water Resources
Dsm Foundation Trust
Dying Seed Ministries
E-76/1, 12th West Street,Kamaraj Nagar,Thiruvanmiyur,Chennai -
Ebenezer Home Of Social Outreaches
Ebenezer Ministries
Echo Of His Call Educatio
Echo Of His Call Evangeli
Echo Of His Call Ministries
Eci Inter Church Aid And Service Association
Ecumenical Church Loan Fund Of India
Educational And Development Services India
Eesha Foundation
Ekam Foundation
Ellen Sharma Memorial Trust
Elshaddai Ministries Trust
Emirates Recruitment Consultants Private Limited
Emma Trust
Emmaus Bible School Madras Trust
Emmaus Community Welfare Fund (Ecomwel)
Equitas Development Initiatives Trust
Esther Women Child Welfare Charitable Trust
Eternal Life Trust
Ethiraj College Trust
Evangelical Literature Service
Evangelical Nurses Fellowship Of India
Excel Educational Trust
Exnora International
Faith Christian Ministries
Faith Home
Faith Outreach
Faith Prayer And Tract League
Falcon Foundation
Farms India
Father Ceyrac Childrens Trust
Federation Of South India Producer Associations
Feed Trust
Fema (Foundation For Friendly Environment And Medical Awareness)
Fetal Care Research Foundation
Forum For Law Environment Development And Governance
Foundation For Agrarian Studies
Foundation For Innovation And Research At Sastra Tbi
Foundation Of Occupational Development
Frank Moraes Foundation
Freedom Trust
Friends Educational Society
Friends Missionary Prayer Band
Frontier Lifeline Pvt Ltd
G A Trust
G M Shiptech Training Private Limited
Gana Mukundhapriya
Genesis Educational And Charitable Trust
Genx Ministries Trust
German Leprosy And Tb Relief Association
Gilgal Gospel Mission
Global Adjustments Foundation
Global Organisation For Divinity India Trust
Glocm Mitnamallee
Glorious Gospel Mission Charitable Trust
Gnanadharshan Seva Foundation For The Disabled
Gnanodayam Charitable Trust
Go Rakshna Samithi
God In The Flesh Trust
Good And Grace Trust
Good Life Charitable Trust
Good News Charitable Trus
Good News Ministries India
Good News Seva Sangh
Good Samaritan Charitable Trust
Good Samaritan Trust
Good Shepherd Charitable Trust
Good Shepherd Convent
Goodwill Trust
Gospel Fellowship Trust Of India
Gospel Friends
Gospel Partners Movement
Grabs Educational Charitable Trust
Grace Foundation
Grace Kirubalaya Social Welfare Trust
Grace To Children Ministries
Gracious Home
Green India Foundation
Green Voice International
Greenpeace India Society
Gremaltes Referral Hospital And Leprosy Centre
Guardian Foundation
Guild Of Service (Central)
Gurukul Lutheran Theological College And Research Institute
Gurunanak Educational Society
Hare Krishna Movement Chennai
Harvest Apostolic Ministries
Harvest Evangelical Mission
Haselfre Foundation
Heal Universe Trust
Heart Beat Foundation
Hebron Mission Trust
Helen's Educational Society
Help A Child Of India
Help Centre
Help Public Charitable Trust
Help The Blind Foundation
Help The Children
Hemophilia Society Madras Chapter
Heritage Treasure
Hindustan Engineering Training Centre
Hive Foundation
Holy Angels Charitable Trust
Holy Apostles Convent
Holy Apostolic Charitable Trust
Holy Cross Educational And Charitable Trust
Home Of Love Charitable Trust
Hope Charitable Trust
Hope For The Hopeless
Human Rights Advocacy And Research Foundation
Human Welfare Trust
Iit Madras Alumni Charitable Trust
Iitms Rural Technology And Business Incubator
Ilm Educational Trust
Immanuel Prayer House Trust
India Bible Literature
India Diabetes Research Foundation
India Evangelical Lutheran Church
India Every Home Crusade
India Fellowship For The Visually Handicapped
India Gospel Fellowship Trust
India Peace Centre
India Village Crusader Movement
India Vision Institute
India Youth For Christ
Indian Bank Employees Association (Tn) Educational Trust
Indian Blind Welfare Trust
Indian Centre For Research And Development Of Community Education
Indian Christian Mission
Indian Clen
Indian Council Of Astrological Sciences
Indian Council Of Social Welfare
Indian Fine Arts Society
Indian Institute Of Animal Welfare
Indian Institute Of Industry Interaction Education And Research
Indian Society For Veterinary Immunology And Biotechnology
Indian Triathlon Federation
Indian Village Movement
Indian Youth Villages Fellowship
Indigenous And Frontier Technology Research Centre Iftr
Indira Educational And Charitable Trust
Indo International Christian Chamber Of Commerce
Infant Jesus Educational Trust
Infant Jesus Public Trust
Infinity Foundation India
Information & Communication Technology
Information & Communication Technology,Micro
Initiatives Women In Development
Innovative Microfinance For Poverty Alleviation & Community Transformation
Institute For Financial Management And Research
Institute Of Franciscano Missionaries Of Mary
Institute Of Fransiscan Missioneries Of Mary Society
Integrated Development Initiatives And Alternatives Foundation
Integrated Women Development Institute
Inter Church Service Association
Intermission India
Intermission Industrial Development Association
International Alliance For The Prevention Of Aids
International Collective In Support Of Fishworkers Trust
International Foundation For Crime Prevention And Victime Care (Pcvc)
International Maritime Academy Private Limited
International Maritime Academy Trust
Iqra Educational And Charitable Trust
Iqra-Um Foundation Educational And Charitable Trust
Irada Trust
Itcot Consultancy And Services Limited
J Gopi Naturopathy Charity Trust
Jai Bharathi Hindi Prachar Kendra
Jai Hindi Vidyalaya Welfare Society
Jamiyyathu Ahlil Quraan Val Hadhees
Janodayam Social Education Centre
Jaya Hanuman Seva Trust
Jayadhaarini Trust
Jbm Swamy Trust
Jebathottam Trust
Jeevan Care Center And Old Age Home Public Charitable Trust
Jeevan Roshiini Charitable Trust
Jeevan Stem Cell Foundation
Jeevodaya Public Charitable Trust
Jeroham Ministries Trust
Jesus Calls
Jesus Ministries
Jesus The Great Ministries
Jesus The Way Trust
John Bosco Educational & Charitable Trust
Joseph Enok Foundation
Joy Of Sharing
Joy Trust
Jubilee Memorial Trust
K H Foundation
K J Research Foundation
K R S Educational Trust
K.R.K.Educational Trust
Kaanthal Kalam
Kachchi Moodoor Archakas Welfare Trust
Kalanjiyam Trust
Kalavai Guruparampara Veda Vidya Trust
Kallur Foundations
Kalvi Pani
Kamarajar Educational Trust
Karky Research Foundation
Karna Prayag Trust
Karunai Educational Trust
Karunai Karangal-India
Karunaii Trust
Karunalaya Social Service Society
Karunya Educational And Research Trust
Khadi Gramodyog Sangh Chennai
Kidney Help Trust
Kiruba Welfare Trust
Kirubai Physio & Rehabilitation Centre
Kmc Chennai Alumni Association
Kodambakkam Auxilium Society
Kolping India
Koothu P Pattarai Trust
Kopper Trust
Korattur Cultural Academy
Kovise Foundation
Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram
Kriya Babaji Yoga Sangam
Krupa Jeevan Charitable Trust
Ksr Educational & Charitable Trust
Kutastha Public Charitable Trust
Ladder Charitable Trust
Ladies Circle India Trust
Lakshmi Saraswathi Educational Trust
Lalaji Memorial Educational Society
Land Resources,Scientific & Industrial Research
Lawrencce Charitable Trust
Le Consal Bountiful Trust
Lebara Foundation
Lend Foundation
Letha Charitable Trust
Lifco Educational Trust
Life Changing Church
Life Help Centre For The Handicapped
Life In Christ Ministries
Light House Welfare Trust
Lions Club Of Guindy Charitable Trust
Lions Club Of Vadaillupai Ejkb Centennial
Literacy India Trust
Little Drops Charity Trust
Little Flock Charity Trust
Little Lambs Educational Trust
Little Sisters Of The Poor Tuticorin
Living Light Fellowship
Living Waters Full Gospel Assembly
Lks Gold House Educational Charitable Trust
Local Community Exchange Empowerment Trust
Logistics Sector Skill Council
Logos Ministries
Love And Care Centre
Love In Action Trust
Love Your Liver Foundation
Low Cost Health Care Through Wholistic Health Care
Loyola College Society
M S Swaminathan Research Foundation
Maatram Educational & Charitable Trust
Madhuram Narayanan Centre For Exceptional Children
Madras Calcutta Diocesan Charitable Trust
Madras Chinmaya Seva Trust
Madras Christian Council Of Social Service
Madras Craft Foundation Trust
Madras Crocodile Bank Trust
Madras Diabetes Research Foundation
Madras Dyslexia Association
Madras Institute Of Development Studies
Madras Institute Of Fashion Technology
Madras Management Association
Madras School Of Economics
Mahesh Memorial Trust
Maithri Educational And Charitable Trust
Malankara Syrian Catholic Trust
Malayasian Social Services
Manamadurai Rural Development Trust
Manava Seva Dharma Samvardhani
Mangaratnam Memorial Trust
Manonmani Trust
Mar Thoma Trust
Maranatha Full Gospel Association
Mary Anne Charity Trust
Mass Action Network India Trust
Masthaaniya Educational And Charitable Trust
Max Academy For Excellence
Mazzarello Magalir Nalvazhvu Maiyam Social Service Society
Mb Charity And Educational Trust
Mecton Training And Technical Services Private Limited
Med Charitable Trust
Media Development Foundation
Medical Educational Assistance Programme Of India
Meenakshi Ammal Trust
Memon Educational Trust
Messiah Mission Trust
Meston Education & Development Association (P) Ltd
Metro Missions
Micro Small & Medium Enterprises
Mijarc Asia Trust
Miracle Church Of Jesus Christ
Miracle Ministry
Mission For The Urban Poor
Mission In Action
Mission Research And Educational Service Trust
Missionary Upholders Trust
Mizpah Charitable Trust
Mohamed Sathak Trust
Mohan Foundation
Molecular Diagnostics Counseling Care & Research Centre (Mdcrc)
Moondram Perai Public Charitable Trust
Mosjos Health Care Research Foundation And Charitable Trust
Mowbrays Road ,Alwarpet
Mozhi A Trust For Resource Development In Language And Culture
Mufaddal Polyclinic Trust
Mugil Trust
Muhammad Basha Fathima Bi Educational And Charitable Trust (Mbfb Trust)
Mukti M S Dadha Foundation
Murthuzaviya Charitable Trust
Muscular Dystrophy Association India
Mycological Society Of India
Mylraj Memorial Charitable Trust
Myrtle Social Welfare Network
N. Krishnan Memorial Trust
N.S. Educational Trust
N-27, (Old No.N-465), N Block, Second Main Road, Anna Nagar East
Naada Inbam Public Charitable Trust
Nabasian Trust
Nadigar Sangam Charitable Trust
Nalandaway Foundation
Nandalala Medical Foundation
Nandalala Seva Samithi Trust
National Lutheran Health And Medical Board
Nesam Educational And Development Trust
Neshna Trust
Nessa Trust
New Hope And New Life Trust
New Leed Trust
New Life Global Trust
New Life In Christ Evangelistic Association
New Life Mission Trust
Nice Foundation
Nicola Educational And Charitable Trust
Nishabdha Seva Trust
Nishchint Vikash Public Charitable Trust
Nivedan Women Development Trust
Nivedita Magalir Pothunala Sangam
Officers Ias Academy
Olcott Education Society
Om Charitable Trust
One World Educational Trust
Onimoh Charitable Trust
Open Door Gospel And Social Ministries
Open Door Orphanage And Community Centre
Operation Essential Nutrients
Orchid Trust
Organisation For Eelam Refugees Rehabilitation
Our Shoulders Foundation
P Ganapathi Educational And Charitable Trust
P S Educational Society
Paadhai Soicety For Underprivileged
Pachaiyammal Trust
Pamban Swamigal Charitable Trust
Parigari Social Welfare Trust
Parthasarathy Memorial Tr
Parthasarathy Seeniammal Educational Trust
Parvatha Kalyani Kalyana Parvathi Trust
Parvatiben Trikamji Bhatt Gujarati Sahaykari Hospital
Pathway Centre For Rehabilitation And Education For Mentally Retarded A Unit Of Dr D M C Trust
Patria Surakshaa Trust
Payir Sei Educational Trust
Peace Centre
Peace Education And Welfare Trust
Pearl Educational And Charitable Trust
Pentecostal Movement Rivers Of Living Water
People Action Movement
People Of The Way
People Rights Foundation
Periammal Charitable Trust
Perinbha Charitable Trust
Periyar Maniammai Institute Of Science And Technology
Philedelphia Charitable Trust
Phoenix Foundation
Pilgrim Tract Society
Pioneer Trad
Power Healee
Pradesh Bharat Sevak Samaj
Praise Foundation
Prem Sagar Foundation
Prem Seva Samity
Premalaya Ministries
Premalaya Social Development Society
Press Institute Of India
Prince Educational Society
Prince Of Peace
Prof M Viswanathan Diabetes Research Centre
Professional Education And Research Foundation
Protection Of Environmental Trust
Providers Skill Academy Pvt. Ltd.
Public Health And Welfare Society
Public Servants Residents Welfare Association
Pudhiyadhor Charitable Trust
Pure Water Foundation
Purisai Duraisami Kannappa Thambiran Parambarai Therukoothu Manram
R M Educational Trust
Raise The Flag International Foundation
Raj Educational Trust
Rajammal Educational And Charitable Trust
Rajammal Educational Trust
Rajbai Anusuya Devi Gulechha Memorial Charitable Trust
Ram Charity Circle Trust
Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama
Ramakrishna Mission Students Home
Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith-Chennai
Ramana Sunritya Aalaya Trust
Rapha Unlimited
Rapid Response
Ravindran Foundation
Ray Of Light Foundation
Real Charitable Trust
Reap Ministries
Reformed Church In India Trust
Rehabilitation And Improvement Through Self Employment
Rehoboth Charitable Trust
Relief Foundation
Research Oriented Centre For Holistic Education (Roche)
Resource Group For Education And Advocacy For Community Health
Rise India Trust
Rkr Educational Trust
Rmd Pain And Palliative Care Trust
Rock Eternal Ministries Trust
Roja Muthiah Research Library Trust
Roofs For The Roofless
Roots & Seeds Educational-Health Trust
Rotary Cancer And Research Foundation
Rotary Club Of Chennai Kilpauk Charitable Trust
Rotary Club Of Madras Boys Town Society
Rotary Club Of Madras Charitable Trust
Rotary Club Of Madras East Trust
Round Table India Foundation
Round Table India Trust
Royal Kings
Rsg Educational And Charitable Trust
Ruah Ministries
Rural Orphan And Social Educational Trust
Rvk Home For Aged
Ryan Foundation For National Socio Economic Development
Rzim Life Focus Society
S.S.S.Samaritan Educational Trust
S.V.V Educational Trust
Safe India
Sai Educare Trust
Sai Sankalp Charitable Trust
Saicon Foundation Educational And Charitable Trust
Sakthi Nature Cure Research And Service Centre
Salesian Sisters Society
Sam Womens Upliftment Trust
Samaria Mission
Samiti For Education Environment Social And Health Action
Sampoornam Foundation For Music And Arts
Sampurna Charitable And Educational Trust
Samudhaaya Foundation
Samuthaya Vidiyal Trust
Samvit Sagar Trust
Samyukta Gowda Saraswata Sabha
Sanctuary Of Living Sprin
Sangitha Charitable Trust
Sapiens Health Foundation
Sapthagiri Educational Trust
Sarada Foundations
Saraswathi Educational Cultural And Charitable Trust
Sarva Alayam Charitable Trust
Sarva Seva Education Trust
Sarva Seva Gramodhyog Samithi
Sarva Vidya
Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Brindavanam Trust
Sathyabama Educational Trust
Satya Jothi
Satya Sheelta Gyanalaya
Satya Trust
Save Multitudes Into Life Everlasting
Saveetha Medical And Educational Trust
Saviour Jesus Christ Mission Welfare Trust
Schizophrenia Research Foundation(I)
School Of Christ International
Scl Global Logistics India Private Limited
Scripture Ministries Trust
Scripture Union & Cssm Council Of India
Sean Doglas Louis Memorial Trust
Seersei Charitable Trust
Seethakathi Trust
Seetharama Gurukulam Trust
Selvi Kandaraj Educational And Charitable Trust
Senior Citizens Support Forum
Services Association Of Seventh Day Adventists Pvt Ltd
Servites Of The Poor
Seva Chakkarra Samajam
Sevabharathi Tamilnadu
Sgs Sabha Charitable Trust
Shankar Ias Academy
Shanti Charitable Trust
Sharana Breast Cancer Relief And Research Foundation
Sharing Hands Trust
Sharon Trust
Shekinah Charitable Trust
Shelter Trust
Sherin Trust
Shiloh Evangelistic Mission
Shirdi Sai Divya Lakshyaa Trust
Shivamayam Charitable Trust
Shivamayam Temple Trust
Shivram Trust
Shobha Adarsh Foundation
Showers Of Blessing
Shree Guruvayurappa Chandra Bhashi Charitable Trust
Shree Kamakshi Kaingarya Trust
Shree Lalithambiga Yoaga Peetam Trust
Shree Sai Healing Trust
Shree Shivaarpanam Trust
Shri Jindutt Kushalsuri Khartar Gachha Pedhi
Shri Maheshwari Hospital And Research Centre Trust
Shri Paulraj Alagesh Educational Trust
Shri Purandaradaasar Trust
Shri Rajasthani Jain Samaj Educational Trust
Shri Shirdi Sai Charitable And Meditation Research Trust
Shri Sohanlall Ji Ojha Shri Bulladevi Ojha Trust
Shri Vallabhacharya Vidya Sabha
Shriram Foundation
Siddargal Jnana Peetam Trust
Siddiq-E-Akbar Charitable Trust
Siga Community Service Guild
Sindhi Federation Of South India
Sion Malai Daharmasthabana Christava Ukrasana Sangam
Sip Memorial Trust
Sirpi Society
Siruvallur Road Perambur Chennai 600011
Siswa Missio Trust
Sivanandh Charitable Trust
Skill Trust
Slum People Education And Economic Development
Smile Cares Trust
Smile Foundation
Sneha Foundation Trust
Social Action For Value Education (Save) Trust
Social Educational Economic Developement Society
Society For Education And Economical Developement For Poor
Society For Educational And Entrepreneurship Development (Seed)
Society For Integrated Health And Social Service
Society For Rights Of All Women With Disabilities
Society Of Coastal Aquaculture And Fisheries
Society Of Mary Immaculate
Society Of Pilar Madras
Society Of Seva Missionaries
Society Of Sisters Of Presentation Of Blessed Virginmary Soc No Ii
Society Of Sisters Of Presentation Of Blessedvlrginmary Soc No 7
Society Of Sisters Of St Annes
Society Of The Bethel Educational Trust
Society Of The Sisters Of The Presentation Of The Blessed Virgin Mary
Socio-Economic Education & Rehabilitation Society
Solar Institute Of Technology Trust
Solid Minds Foundation
Solidarity And Action Aga Inst The Hiv Infection In India
Soosaiya Peter Educational Trust
Sornammal Educational Trust
Sos Childrens Villages Of India Chatnath Homes
Sougandhika Centre For Mohiniyattam
Soul Win Mission
South Central India Network For Development Alternatives
South India Christian Mission Church Trust
South India Positive Network
Southindia Corrugated Box Manufacturers Association
Special Sources Foundation
Spps Educational Trust
Sree Sai Foundation
Sree Sastha Institute Of Engineering And Technology
Sree Siva Educational And Social Welfare Trust
Sree Sivaa Amirtha Trust
Sree Vidya Trust
Sri Ahobila Math Samskrita Vidya Abivardhini Sabha
Sri Arunodayam Charitable Trust
Sri Baalaji Foundation
Sri Balaji Charitable And Educational Trust
Sri Brahmrishi Ashram
Sri Chakra Charitable Trust
Sri Dhanvantri Trust
Sri Dwarakamai Trust
Sri Gayathri Medical Mission And Research Foundation
Sri Heeralal Dhoka Charitable Trust
Sri Jayam Trust
Sri Jayasayaa Charitable Trust
Sri Kamakshi Karunai Illam
Sri Kumarancharitable Trust
Sri Mahalakshmithirunangai Charitable Trust
Sri Malolan Educational Trust
Sri Mudhraalaya An Academy Of Performing Arts - Kottur
Sri Muthiah Memorial Trust
Sri Muthukrishnaswamy Mission Trust
Sri Paramakalyani Education Society
Sri Poorna Mahameru Trust
Sri Pratyaksha Charitable Trust
Sri Raja Rajeshwari Devi Srichakra Devalok Seva Trust
Sri Raja Rajeshwari Devi Srichakra Devalok Temple Trust
Sri Raja Rajeshwari Devi Srichakra Mahameru Seva Trust
Sri Raja Rajeshwari Devi Srichakra Mahameru Temple Trust
Sri Ramachandra University Trust
Sri Ramakrishna Mission Sarada Vidyalaya
Sri Ramani Ranganayaki Trust
Sri Sadguru Seshadri Swamigal Public Charitable Trust
Sri Sai Kishan Foundation
Sri Sandeepani Gurukula Trust
Sri Santhanakrishna Padmavathi Research Foundation
Sri Saradha Educational Trust
Sri Sarva Mangala Sayaputhiran Sevaimayyam Charitable Trust
Sri Sri Sri Mahalakshmi Mathrubutheswarar Trust
Sri Sukar Public Charitable Trust
Sri Swarna Bairavar Charitable Trust
Sri Swarna Vaishnavi Trust
Sri V Krishnaswamy Iyer Sanskrit Education Trust
Sri Venkateswara Educational And Health Trust
Sri Vidyatheertha Foundation
Sri Vishnu Mohan Foundation
Sri Viswaroopa Shirdi Saibaba Mandhir Trust
Sridevi Nrithyalaya Trust
Srikaligammal Gangathara Adigal Rdhana Dharma Trust
Srimatha Cancer Care
Sringeri Sharada Bharathi Trust
Srinivasan Services Trust
Srivannsathakopa Srinarayana Yatheendra Mahadesikan Padha Kanikkaitrust
Ssi It Education
Ssn Trust
Sspl Charities
St Moses Educational Trust
St. Joseph's Educational Society
St.Andrew's Church
St.Ann's Society Southern Region
St.Isabel Medical Research And Development Foundation
St.Joseph's Education Society
St.Sebastians Iti Society
Star Light Charities
State Resource Centre
Stc Technologies Pvt Ltd
Stewards Bible College Trust
Strategic Urban Rural Advancement Backing Institute
Stree Seva Mandir
Street Elfins Education And Development Society
Students Training And Action For National Development Trust
Sufa Educational Trust
Suganthi Educational Trust
Sughavazhvu Healthcare
Sukrtam Foundation
Sunaada Trust
Sundar Serendipity Foundation
Surabi Trust
Surprised Public Charitable Trust
Suryodhayam Public Charitable Trust
Suswaraa Trust
Suyam Charitable Trust
Swabodhini Charitable Trust
Swami Vivekananda Medical Mission
Swami Vivekananda Rural Development Society
Swathi Vaazhga Valamudan Welfare Association
Swiss Emmaus Leprosy Relief Work India
Tagore Amber Charitable Trust
Tambaram Community Social Centre
Tambaram Muslim Educational Society
Tamil Baptist Church
Tamil Isai Sangam
Tamilnad Kidney Research Foundation
Tamilnadu Arya Samaj Educational Society
Tamilnadu Association For The Blind
Tamilnadu Bakers Federation India
Tamilnadu Differently Abled Federation Charitable Trust
Tamilnadu Domestic Workers Welfare Trust
Tamilnadu Foundation Inc Tn Chapter
Tamilnadu Resource Team
Tamilnadu Small & Tiny Industries Assocation
Tamilnadu Social Welfare Association
Tapas Trust
Tara Educational Research Society
Tased Trust
Tea Cup Ministries
Terapanth Educational And Medical Trust
Thalal Thangarajan Trust
The Apostolic Church
The Aseema Trust
The Association Of Christ
The Ayanavaram Church Of Christ Trust
The Bressilac Foundation
The Broadway Don Bosco Society
The C P Ramaswami Aiyar Foundation
The Chennapuri Annadhana Samajam
The Cherian Foundation
The Children Garden School Society
The Childs Trust
The Childs Trust Medical Research Foundation
The Christian Literature Society
The Church At Jehovah Shammah
The Church Of God In Madras
The Church Of South India Trust Association
The Cinema Resource Center
The Clarke School For Thedeaf
The Comforter
The Council Of Seventh -Day Adventist Educational Institutions
The Crafts Council Of India
The Crescent Hospital
The Daughters Of The Heart Of Mary
The Eastern Province Of Sisters Of St. Charles
The Egmore Don Bosco Society
The Esoteric School Of Theosophy
The Federation Of Motor Sports Clubs Of India
The Freedom Foundation
The Friend's Trust
The Gentle Hands Of India
The Guide Minjur
The Hindustan Bible Institute & College
The Immaculate Heart Of Mary Society
The Institute Of The Franciscan Missionarries Of Mary Society
The Integrated Rural Development Of Weaker Sections In India
The Jain Mission Society
The Jesus Mission
The Kahanipuram Trust
The Kuppuswami Sastri Research Institute
The Laymens Evangelical Fellowship
The Light Of Life Mission Trust
The Ma Foi Foundation
The Madras Chamber Of Commerce & Industry
The Madras Medical Mission
The Madras Seva Sadan
The Madras Social Service Guild
The Madras Society Of Sisters Of St Anne S Madras Province
The Manna Prayer House Trust
The Methodist Church In India Trust Association
The Music Academy Madras
The Muslim Educational Association Of Southern India
The National Missionary Society Of India
The One All Trust
The Pentecostal Mission Society
The Perambur Don Bosco Society
The Perambur Lourdes Shrine Society
The Perambur Rajiv Vezhma Nagar Social Service Society
The Pitt Macdonald Trust
The Punjab Association
The Quaide Milleth Educational And Social Trust
The Regular Tertiary Franciscan Sisters Of Our Lady Of Bon Secours
The Regular Tertiary Franciscan Sisters Of Our Lady Of Bon Secours Society
The S I G A Society
The Salvation Army, India Central Territory
The Santhome Orphanage Society
The Satkaarya Trust
The Sharma Centre For Heritage And Education
The Siloam Youth And Childrens Aid Mission Private Limited
The Silver Rose Charitable Trust
The Society Of Church Of God Full Gospel In India
The Society Of Friars Minor
The Society Of Mary Immaculate Salem
The Society Of Sacred Heart College Satya Nilayam
The Society Of Sisters Of Maria Auxilium
The Society Of Sisters Of St Annes Society
The Society Of St. Pauls Seminary College
The Society Of The Sisters Of The St Anne Society No 12
The Society Of The Sisters Of The St. Anne Society No 6
The Society Of The Sisters Of The St. Anne Society No.7
The South India Salesian Society
The Southern India Education Trust
The Spastics Society Of Tamilnadu
The Sruti Foundation
The St Mary's Co-Cathedral Society
The St.Josephs Technical School Society
The Theosophical Society
The World Community Service Centre
The World Revival Mission
Theatre Nisha
Thiruvalluvar Vallalar Arakkattalai
Thisai Foundation
Tiara Haemophilia And Cancer Foundation
Tiruvarur Tala Vadya Vidyalaya Trust
Total Health
Tramp Trust
Tripura Foundation India
True Life Trust
Trust For Environmental Education
Truth Foundation
Tulir Charitable Trust
Tulsi Rural Development Trust
Tvs Educational Society
Udavum Karangal
Udavum Karangal Educational Trust
Udhavum Ullangal
Udhavum Ullangal Public Charitable Trust
Union Christian Association (Madras)
Union Of Evangelical Students Of India
United Evangelical Lutheran Churches In India
United Lives
United Pentecostal Church In India
United Way Of Chennai
Universal Brotherhood Trust - Charities
Universal Church Of The Kingdom Of God India
Unwind Learning Labs Private Limited
Uplift Child And Community Trust
Urban Development & Poverty Alleviation
Urban Works Institute
Ushus Educational Trust
Vaels Educational Trust
Valathi Outreach Church Ministries
Valliammai Society
Vanaprastha Ashram
Vasan Charitable Trust
Vasantha Memorial Trust
Vasantha Subramanian Medical Trust
Veda Pata Nidhi Trust
Veda Vedanta Gurukula Mahavidyalaya
Vedic Science Research Centre
Vel Trust (1997)
Vepery Choolai Chennai 600007
Vethammal Educational Trust
Vexcel Educational Trust
Victory Christian Foundation
Victory Educational Trust
Vidhyadhanam And Annadhanam Trust
Vidya Mandir M.L.C School Society
Vidyarambam Trust
Vijaya Deepam Trust
Village Development Centre
Village Development Trust
Village Education Womenchildren Rehabilitation Soc
Villgro Innovations Foundation
Villivakkam Bible Presbyterian Trust
Vinayaga Trust
Vincentian Madras Society
Vine Charitable Trust
Virginia Tech India Research And Education Forum
Vishva Hindu Vidya Kendra
Vision Charitable Trust
Vision For Orissa Mission
Vision For Social Development
Viswam Institute Of Engineering And Technology(Run By) Vasantham Educational And Charitable Trust
Vivarium India Foundation
Vivekananda Educational Society
Vivekananda Kendra Pratishthan
Voice Foundation
Voluntary Health Services
Voluntary Institution For Development Of Health And Youth Activities
Vpi Veerapandi Iyyanar Trust
Vseed Foundation
Vuyiroli Welfare Society
Vvs Foundation
Wadi E Hikmath Educationa
Way Of Life Charitable Trust
We Care Trust
Wheelchair Basketball Federation Of India (Wbfi)
Whrc Trust
Women In Development Trust (Wid)
Womens Christian College
Womens Collective
Women's Indian Association
Word For The World
Word Made Flesh
Working Womens Forum India
World Bible School
World Education Vision
World Evangelist Outreach Of India Charitable Trust
World Home Bible League
World Human Rights Commission And Rescue Centre
World Missionary Assistance Plan (India) Trust
World Vision India
Yesodha Educational & Social Welfare Trust
Yogaa Charitable Trust
Young Christian Students
Your Hope Is Remaining
Youth Missionary Movement
Youth With A Mission
Yuva Bharath Education And Charitable Trust
Zion Gospel Ministry

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