Khammam District In Telangana
NGO Brands & NGO Selling agents

Distrtict Collector
Member Of Parliament
Distrtict Celebrities (Non Political, Non Criminal)
Tourism Locations
We Salute

Soldiers, Police, Below the poverty line people who live with humanity, Social workers, NGO Founders, Hospital staff, Health care workers, Chemists, Medicines Trees, Forests, Medicinal plants, Rivers , Extinct animals, Homes, Climate, People working in crematorium

A Handicapped Service Foundation
Action For Collective Tribal Improvement And Vocational Education
Arbor Charitable Foundation
Asritha Society
Badavo Banjara Phozear Trust
Bethaniya Church Social Service Society
Bethany Fellowship Of Evengelical Churches
Caussanel Foundation For Education And Development (Caffd)
Centre For Human Activity In Rural Development
Chaithanya Mahila Mandal Khammam
Christian Service Unit
Christian Welfare Association
Church Of Jesus Miracles
Dedication Social Service Society
Development Association For Rural And Tribal Areas (Darta)
Diocesan Social Service Society Khammam
District Federation Of Mahila Mandals
District Nri Foundation
Geethanjali Academy Of Education
Genesis Foundation
Gospel For Tribals Social Service Society
Grama Vikas Voluntary Organisation
Gurudakshina Foundation
Health Environmental Awareness Research And Training Heart
Hope Charitable Society
Jeevadhara Service Society
Jesus Given Ministries
Karunya Social Service Society
Kruthi Social Service Organisation
Love Thy Neighbour Service Society
My People Welfare Organisation
Network Initiatives For Community Empowerment (Nice)
Pillar Of Fire Missions
Priyadarshini Seva Mandali
Pvlnr And Ksb Memorialcharitable Trust
Rao Charitable Trust
Rotarians Community Service Foundation
Rural & Urban Development Foundation
Rural Action For Awareness Society
Rural Development Society
Sahara Ministries
Sai Geethanjali Educational Society
Seva Bharathi
Share The Vision
Shrika - Society For Girl Education
Skill Development Society
Society For Health Awareness And Rural Enlightenment
Society For Non Formal Education Health And Awareness (Sneha)
Sree Ammadeevena Seva Samstha
Sri Laxmi Mahila Mandali
Sri Sai Amrutha Educational Society
Sri Satyamarga Seva Samithi
Sri Teja Educational Society
St Lawrence Educational Society
St. Francis Xavier Regional Vicariate
Sthambhadri Mahila Mandali
Telangana Poor People Welfare Society
The Lakshya Welfare Society
The Local Habitat For Humanity
The Pinapaka Don Bosco Society
Theressa Mentally Challenged Rehabilitation Centre
United Evangelical Ministeries
Vijaya Institute Of Technologys
Vineyard India Compassion Trust
Women Awareness And Rural Development Society Waards

If your NGO is having programmes related to social issue in this district, just email the name of the NGO with link to it and we will share it free.
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