Mahisagar District In Gujarat
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Member Of Parliament
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Soldiers, Police, Below the poverty line people who live with humanity, Social workers, NGO Founders, Hospital staff, Health care workers, Chemists, Medicines Trees, Forests, Medicinal plants, Rivers , Extinct animals, Homes, Climate, People working in crematorium

Aadhya Kabir Mumuksh Sevak Sangh
Acharya Shri Muktajivandasji Vidhyamandal
Arpan Vikas Trust
Dhavni Education And Charitable Trust
Divyajyoti Foundation
Ekta Cheritable Trust
Gramay Vikas Mandal Sargva Mahudi
Gramy Vikas Mahila Charitable Trust
Jay Mataji Charitable Trust
Kacheria Mojilal Gordhandas General Hospital Trust
Kinetic Rural Development Foundation
Krishna Educationand Charitable Trust Mahisagar
Ma Bharti Education Trust
Ma Gayatri Krupa Charitable Trust
Madrasa Arabia Talimul Muslimeen
Mahisagar Jan Kalyan Trust
Malvan Education Society
Navyug Charitable Trust
Pragati Kedavni Mandal
Pragati Yuvak Mandal
Sarvoday Kelvani Mandal
Satt Adhar Chariteble Trust
Shree Kothamba Vidhyottejak Mandal Kothamba
Shree Sarvoday Kelavani Mandal
Shri Birpur Kelvani Mandal Birpur
Shri Divyajyot Education And Charitable Trust
Shri Jeevandeep Kelavani Mandal
Shri Jeevanjyot Gramya Vikas Mandal
Shri Sarvodaya Kelavani Mandal
Swami Vivekanand Seva Samiti Trust
The Muslim Education Society
Ubedullah Abdul Rehman Rashid Education And Charitable Trust
United Education Society
Vardan Sarvajanik Vikas Trust

If your NGO is having programmes related to social issue in this district, just email the name of the NGO with link to it and we will share it free.
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