Salem District In Tamil Nadu
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Soldiers, Police, Below the poverty line people who live with humanity, Social workers, NGO Founders, Hospital staff, Health care workers, Chemists, Medicines Trees, Forests, Medicinal plants, Rivers , Extinct animals, Homes, Climate, People working in crematorium

Aadhithya Educational Trust
Acwerk Rural Development Foundation
Adharsh Thai Trust
Agape Christian Mission
Agaramudhalvan Educational And Charitable Trust
Agrahara Nattamangalam Immaculate Heart Of Mary Society
Alagupookal Educational Trust
Alfa Social Trust
All India Missions Trust
Amudhasurabhi Welfare Charitable Trust
Ananda Udavum Karangal
Anderson Educational And Charitable Trust
Annai Therasha Charitable Trust
Aravanaikkum Karangal
Arise Foundation
Arunachala Educational & Environmental Trust
Aruvi Trust
Ashram Siddha Yoga Research Institute
Asian Indigenous Medicines Research Institute Charitable Trust
Association Lights For Human Actions Trust (Alfha Trust)
Association Salem
Atthma Rural Development Society
Bakiyam Charitable Trust
Best Empowerment Services Trust
Bethal Agricultural Felloship
Bethel Bible Institute
Bethel Faith Ministries
Bethel Gospel Fellowship
Bethel Welfare Centre
Bharathiyar Makkal Nalvalvu Sangam
Bharathiyar Makkal Nalvalvu Sangam Trust
Biogen Fertilizers India Private Limited
Children Home For Girls Under Idhayalaya
Chinna Kalrayan Hill Agricultural Development Association Trust
Chockalingam Trust
Christ Educational Fellowship And Community Service Trust
Christopher Educational Trust
Church Of Jerusalem Trust
Community Development Trust
Divine Health Foundation
Doors Of India Charitable Trust
Dr. Kalam Foundation
Ebinezer Women Welfare Sangam
Ecomwel Orthopaedic Centre
Evangelical Echoing Mission Trust
Ever Loving Ministries
Gandhi Ashram Memorial Trust
Gandhi Peace Centre
Gandhi Peace Centre
Global Achievers Council
Gospel For Nations Trust
Green (India) Foundation Trust
Green Foundation
India Gospel League
Indian Christian Mission Centre
Indian Community Life Care Trust
Indian Gypsy Development Trust
Integrated Rural Developmentsociety
Intergrated Village Development Center
Jai Health Trust
Jaya Mahalingam Educational Charitable Trust
Jesus Grace Ministries And Social Services
Jesus Mercy Home Association
Joseph Foundation
Joy Rural Development Educational And Charitable Trust
Kadayampatty Vattara Pengal Munnetra Nala Sangam
Kalari Haritage And Charitable Trust
Kangai Science Foundation
Karipatty Rural Organisation For Peoples Education
Karpaga Jothi Charitable Trust
Katharina Kasper Social Service Society
Kirubalaya Missions
Light House Charitable Trust
Lovers Of Truth Unity And Service
M/S Faith Prayer Mission Charitable Trust
Magudam Charitable Trust
Mahendra Educational Trust
Makkal Nalasangam
Mathuram Social Service Trust
Mercy Rural Development Society
Model Youth Development Trust
Montfort Community Trust
Mother Therasa Samuga Sevai Makkal Nala Sangam
Motherland Missionary Movement
Mrs Charitable And Educational Trust
Mugavari Foundation
National Integrated Welfare And Development Trust
Nava Jeevan Trust
Nesam Charitable Trust
New Life World Mission Trust
Ns Welfares Trust
Om Sri Vivekananda Educational Trust
Omalur Block Women Welfare Uplift Organisation
Our Lady Of Poor Charitable Trust
Our Lady Of Velankanni Educational Social Development Trust
Oviyaa Social Development
Oxford Educational And Development Trust
Padmavani Educational And Charitable Trust
Panimalar Trust
People Organisations For Liberation And Education
People Power Charitable Trust
Peoples Education And Community Empowerment
People's Movement For Development
Phoenix Foundation
Priya Educational Trust
Rd Foundation
Reformed Welfare Foundation
Religious Trust Of The Teresian Carmelite Sisters
Rural Child Development Trust
Rural Community Development Trust
Rural Education And Empowerment Trust
Rural Environmental Education And Economic Development Society
Rural People Development Society
Sabtha Reshi International Trust
Sahana Ind Foundation
Salem District People Service Society
Salem Immaculate Heart Of Mary Society
Salem Kasakaranoor Mvkm Tust
Salem Pallottine Society
Salem People Trust
Salem Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama
Salem Social Service Society
Salem Steel And Wooden Furniture Cluster Association
Salem Thirunangaigal Nala Sangam
Samuga Manidha Neya Arakattalai
Sangam Ebinezer Women Welfare
Saraswathi Ammal Educational Social Welfare And Charitable Trust
Shanmuga Medical Research Foundation Trust
Sharon Medical & Charitable Trust
Shevapet Saurashtra Madhar Sangam
Shine Trust
Siloam Church And Social Service For India
Social Awareness And Rural Development Trust
Social Education And Environmental Development Trust
Social Service Guild
Society For Community Development Project
Society For Rural Development
Society For Rural Health And Development Project
Society Of Peace
Socio Econamic And Educational Development (Seed) Charitable Trust
Socio Economic Educational Development Service Trust
Sri Amman Educational Trust
Sri Kambathukarar Charitable Trust
Sri Pachiamman Educational Trust
Sri Saradha Niketan Samithi Trust
Sri Shanmugham Educational Trust
Srssa Trust
St John Social Service Trust
St Marrys Oldage-Orphan Children S Trinity Home Trust
Sudaroli Social Service Trust
Sun Light Foundation
Thaaimadi Trust
Thaimai Anbu Karangal
The Congregation Of The Sisters Of St Joseph Of Cluny
The Gift Foundation
The Green Guard Trust
The Immaculate Heart Of Mary Society Society No 2 ( Omalur)
The Institute Of The Brothers Of St. Gabriel
The Salem Diocese Society
The Salem Don Bosco Anbu Illam Social Service Society
The Society Of The Franciscan Servants Of Mary
The Yercaud Salesian College Society
Universal Welfare Charitable Trust Of India
Upanisha Ananda Mandir
Vaiiiappa Foundation
Vigilance Council Of India
Village Development And Environmental Organisation
Village Reconstruction And Development Project
Vishaka Trust
Vivegam Charitable And Educational Trust
Vsa Educational And Charitable Trust's Group Of Institutions
Win Trust
Women Action Group
Women And Child Development Charitable Trust
Young Womens Cristian Association

If your NGO is having programmes related to social issue in this district, just email the name of the NGO with link to it and we will share it free.
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