Thoubal District In Manipur
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Soldiers, Police, Below the poverty line people who live with humanity, Social workers, NGO Founders, Hospital staff, Health care workers, Chemists, Medicines Trees, Forests, Medicinal plants, Rivers , Extinct animals, Homes, Climate, People working in crematorium

Abbas Foundation
Abdul Aziz Memorial Trust
Abdulla And Manira Foundation
Agency For Rural And Social Healp Afrsh
Aks Helping Hand Managment Agency
All Cultural And Rural Development Organisation
Angoumacha And Mangoljaobi Charitable Foundation
Apunba Chaokhatpa Khunai
Ashrafiya Charitable Foundation
Association For Backward Community Development
Association For Intigrated Development
Association For Paona Memorial Arts And Rural Development Services
Basanta And Promila Foundation
Better Living Conditions And Research Organisation
Birendra And Pushpa Charitable Trust
Centre For Development Activities Cdac
Centre For Rural Development
Centre For Rural Empowerment And Development Organisation
Centre For Rural Technology Mission
Centre For Social Transformation
Ching Tam Foundation
Community Action For Rural Enhancement
Community Development Organisation Wangbal Manipur
Community Development Programme Centre
Community Empowerment Charitable Foundation
Comprehensive Rural Development Services
Cultural Activity And Human Resource Development
Cultural Research Centre
Development Networking Agency
Development Of Rural Educational And Sporting Organisation
Earth Care Foundation
Eastern Social Welfare Association
Ecological Useful Productive And Social Development Organisation
Educational And Rural Development Organisation
Eulogization Of Rural Agency
Extra Green Foundation
Foundation Of Rural Development Ford
Haji Sherajuddin And Amijan Memorial Charitable Trust
Haji Tayeb And Piyarjan Charitable Trust
Handicapped Welfare Society Haws
Handloom And Handicraft Co-Operative Society Limited
Hangul United Development Assn
Hashim And Akhter Jahan Charitable Trust
Health For All Organisation
Heart Of Life
Hercules Physical Institute
Hindi Prachar Parishad
Human Development Society
Human Resource Development Organization
Human Resource Development Society
Human Resource Rural Development Association Hrrda
Human Resources For Rural Upliftment Organisation
Integrated Industrial Co Operative Society Ltd
Integrated Progressive Rural Development Organisation
Integrated Rural Area And Minority Development Organization
Integrated Rural Development Agency
Integrated Rural Development And Educational Organisation Irdeo
Integrated Rural Development Service Organisation
Integrated Rural Upliftment Services
Islamic Educational Development Organisation
Itrt Educational Trust
Jalaluddin Charitable Foundation
Jam Jam Society
Jiban Foundation
Jivan Hospital
Jivan Hospital Development Trust
K. Ibotombi Cultural Academy
Kaka Foundation
Kakching Khunou College
Kanglei Livng Arts Kangla Manipur
Kha Manipur Hindustani Sangeet Mahavidyalaya
Khongjom Standard English School
Khongjom War Memorial Trust
Khundongbam Tomba And Nungshitombi Foundation
Knowledge Information Networking Group Of Society
Lairakhong Mahila Mandal (Lmm)
Langmeidong Dramatic Union
Leika Foundation
Liberty Theatre
Lions Club Of Thoubal
Lourungbam Foundation
Loyalam Foundation
Mahanta & Joychandra Cheritable Trust
Manichou Memorial Foundation
Manipur Educational And Technical Academy
Manipur Sahitya Samiti
Manipur Womens Organisation
Mans Actual Service Society
Markaz Darul Yatama
Md Anou & Nahamubi Foundation
Minority Care And Support Society
Modern Child Care Centre
Moirangthem Lokendro Memorial Trust
Moirangthem Manao Singh Foundation
Mothers' Welfare Trust
Moulana Jaheruddin Foundation
Moulana Jahur Ali Foundation
Moulana Muhammad Jan Foundation
Nepra Arts And Culture Academy
New Integrated Rural Management Agency Nirma
Noor Hospital & Research Institute
Open Trust Institute
Padma Ratna English School Society
Peoples Association For Rural Upliftment
Peoples Development Foundation
Peoples Hands For Development Society
Public Yoga And Nature Cure Association
Purel Trust
Regional Centre For Cultural Heeritage
Regional Development Organisation
Regional Organization For Socio Economic Development
Riyaj Foundation
Rural Area Development Organisation
Rural Area Economic Development Organisation
Rural Care Centre
Rural Development Agency
Rural Development Organisation
Rural Development Society
Rural Education And Economic Development Organisation
Rural Industries Development Association
Rural Organisation For Welfare Services
Rural People Economic Development Association
Rural Peoples Development Organisation
Rural Social And Educational Development Association
Rural Vision Society
Rural Voluntary Services
Sabantonba Awang Leikai Womens Development Organisation
Sangeet Academy
Sc/St Backward Women & Children Development Orgn In Rural Areas
Senior Citizen Welfare Forum Manipur
Sibajom Foundation
Slopeland Public School
Social And Educational Development Association
Social Development And Rehabilitation Council
Social Development Centre
Social Environment Education And Readability Integrity Organisation
Social Environmental Economic Development Society
Social Upliftment Rural Management Agency
Social Welfare Development Agency
Social Youth Development Organisation
Society For Rural Empowerment
Society For Urban And Rural Upliftment (Suru)
Society Of Dedicators For Social Causes
Socio-Economic And Educational Development Origanization
South Eastern Rural Development Organisation
Southern Tangkhul Naga Baptist Association
Technology Development Organisation
The Academy For Cultural Resources And Training
The Al Kheir Charitable Trust
The Ananda Purna Development Institute
The Arong Ima Phaoibi Cultural Academy
The Artistic Handloom And Handicraft Cooperative Society Ltd
The Athokpam Khunou Art & Culture Academy
The Babina Handloom And Handicraft Co Operative Society Limited
The Council For Advancement Of Rural Development
The Cultural Development Organisation
The Cultural Research And Training Centre
The Development For Womens Programme Centre
The District Yoga Training And Research Association Kakching
The Divine Universe Human Unit Cultural Academy
The Dynamic Academy Of New Generation(Dan)
The Grace Cottage Cultural And Educational Development Foundation
The Harinam Sankirtana Jagya Mandali
The Hiyanglam Waikhom Leikai Women Association
The Human Resource Development Organisation
The Integrated Farmers Association
The K.M. Blooming Association
The Lamding Cherapur Homeopathic And Unani Association
The Leishangthem Khekman Women Society
The M M Foundation For Weaker Section
The Mahila Sangeet Association
The Manipur Women Foundation
The Minority Development Society
The Minority Peoples And Rural Development Society
The Moijing Collective Farming Cooperative Society Ltd.
The Mole Hill Arts
The Multipurpose Activities Development Association
The Neo-Life Foundation
The Organisation For Socio Economic Development
The Rural Area Development Organisation
The Rural Development Foundation
The Rural Education Network
The Rural Health And Voluntary Organisation
The Rural Medical & Health Care Centre India
The Rural Organisation For Social Empowerment
The Rural Uplifment And Development Reactive Agency
The Sangeet Kala Bhaban
The Sky Line Education Society
The Social Action Development Organisation
The Social Environment And Educational Enhancement Organisation
The Social Uplift And Development Organisation
The Social Upliftment Organisation
The Socio Economic And Educatonal Implementing Trust
The Socio Economic Development Association
The Socio Economic Development Organisation
The Southern Manipur Rural Technology Service Institute
The Thoubal Keithelmakha Sekpi Khongnangkhong Women Devassoc
The Village Area Development Association
The Village Development Organisation Phouden
The Volunteers Union For Rural Forward And Integrity
The Wangoo Sabal Women Live Stock Co Operative Society Limited
The Women Empowerment And Rural Development
The Women Worth's Artisans Association
The Womens Progressive Association
The Writers' Association, Kakching
The Yaiphabi Handloom Weavers Co Operative Society Ltd
Thokchom Tomba Memorial Trust
Thoubal District Thang Ta Association
Traditional Thang-Ta And Culture Research Centre(Ttcrc)
Triveni Educational Trust
Type Writing Institution And Rural Development Service
Umathel Women Development Association
Umbrella Foundation
Unified Rural Development Organisation
Universal Educational Institute And Cultural Organisation
Volunteers For Rural Health And Action
Waikhom Mani Girls' College
Wangjing Mamang Canteen Leikai Weavers Co Operative Society Ltd
Widow And Development Society
Women Development Organisation
Women S Income Generation Centre
Womens Organisation On Rural Development Service
Women's Society For Cultural Heritage
Womens Voluntary Organisation
Yangambam Apabi Foundation
Youth Adventure For Rural Development Organisation
Youth Development Society
Youth Progressive Organisation
Youth Volunteers Union
Youths Step Forward Centre
Zakir And Nasirjan Charitable Trust

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