Tiruvallur District In Tamil Nadu
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Soldiers, Police, Below the poverty line people who live with humanity, Social workers, NGO Founders, Hospital staff, Health care workers, Chemists, Medicines Trees, Forests, Medicinal plants, Rivers , Extinct animals, Homes, Climate, People working in crematorium

Addres Centre
Al-Qalam Educational Trust
Anbu Illam Charitable Trust
Anbu Karangal Adharavu Trust
Anbu Sagaram Trust
Annai Anbalayaa Trust
Annai Arakkattalai
Annai Saroja Foundation
Annai Youth Welfare Society
Annamalai Charitable Foundation
Apostolic Full Gospel Mission
Asha Trust
Association For Punctual Aid In Rural Area (Apara)
Atswa Trust
Axene Evangelical Mission
Banyan Academy Of Leadership In Mental Health
Bethania Educational And Research Trust
Bharatha Madha Sevai Illam
Capital Educational And Charitable Trust
Carmel Centre For Mentally Retarded
Center For Community Solidarity
Centre For Rural Economic And Educational Development Trust
Centre For Rural Systems And Development
Citizen Development Centre
Communioty Health Housing And Social Education Chhase
Compassionate Actions Trust
Cross Blood Foundation
D K Nagarathi Educational Trust
Development Action Consortium
Development Education Centre
Dharmanaidu Educational And Charitable Trust
Drbaba Saheb Educational Charitable Trust
Dream India Women's Charitable Trust
Emmanuel Methodist Matriculation School And Education Trust
Everlasting Life Charitable Mission Trust
Foundation For Tribal Development
Fraternize Foundation
Full Gospel Church Of God
Gandhi Foundation
Gateway To Heaven Prayer Ministries
Gau Raksha Dal Tamilnadu
Gnanammal Integrated Rural Women Development Society
Goodwill Trust
Gospel Vision Mission Trust
Great Harvest Educational Trust
Help India Charitable Trust
Holy Heart Home Mission
Hope Public Charitable Trust
Hope Vision India
Hospitaller Order Of St John Of God Society
Human Educational Agriculture And Rural Development Trust
India Ministries Fellowship
India Rural Reconstruction And Disaster Response Service-Prepare
Indian Evangelical Educational Trust
Indian Village Mission
Iniya Udaiyam Charitable Trust
Integrated People Development Association
Integrated Rural Community Development Society
Jagadguru Memorial Charitable Trust
Jaya Educational Trust
Jayam Trust
Jemi Educational & Charitable Trust (Ject)
Jemima Foundation Charitable Trust
Jerushiya Foundation
Jesus Meets Ministries
Justice And Hope
Kalaiselvi Karunalaya Social Welfare Society
Kalam Educational And Charitable Trust
Kanavu Meipada Foundation
Kanniyamman Charitable Trust
Kanniyappa Memorial Educational Trust
Kavarapettai Don Bosco Anbu Illam Social Service Society
Laurus Edutech Private Limited
Legal Rights Council For Awareness Of Law
Life Aid Centre For The Disabled Society
Love And Care Charitable Trust
Love Foundation
Loyola Rural Development Association
Madras Social Development Society
Mahathma Gandhi Rural Development Trust
Manasa School For The Special Children
Mary Diana Samuel Trust
Mission To The Blind
Mother Teresa Rural Educational Development Charitable Society
Mother Theresa Social Service Organisation
Motto Children's New Way
Narbhavi T.S.Ramanujam & Mathurabai Ketkar Trust
New Entity Of Welfare Society
New Life Mission
New Share Trust
Noel Foundation
Nvr Educational And Charitable Trust
Om Sai Educational & Charitable Trust
Pallava Council For Integrated Education
Pasumai Trust
Pengal Samooga Nala Trust
Pengalai Munnetrum Karangal Society
Pentapolis Foundation
People For Animals Chennai Charitable Trust
People Reconstruction And Gender Activity Training Health Institute ( Pragathi Trust)
Poverty Pepoles Education And Development Trust
Prathyusa Institute Of Engineering And Management
Prem Nivas
R Misrilal Anchibai Charitable Trust
Rainbow Welfare Trust
Rajammal Trust For Special Children
Reach Trust
Research And Action Centr
Resource Exchange Trust
Revival Organisation For Social Empowerment
Revoor Padmanaba Chettys Educational Trust
Rural Education And Economical Development Trust
Rural Educational Women Development And Rural Development Society
Rural Integration For Social Education (Rise) Trust
Sarojini Varadappan Girls Higher Secondary School Destitute Home
Sathyam Charitable Trust
Save Welfare Trust
Seeds Trust
Servants Of Mary Immaculate
Shanthamalai Trust
Share Education Rural Among Peoples Health Society
Share Trust For The Development Of Women And Children
Shrinevelankannimagalir Sangam
Siva Sakthi Sathya Sai Charitable Trust
Siva Shathi Charitable Trust
Social Association For Village Embracement
Social Welfare Educational And Environmental Trust
Society For Caring The Needy
Society For Conservation And Protection Of Environment
Society Of Bethlemite Sisters
Society Of Sisters Of St Annes
Society Of Sisters Of St Annes
Society Of Sisters Of St.Annes
Society Of Sisters Of Stannes
South India Scheduled Tribes Welfare Association
Spartan Educational Trust
Sri Bhairavi Educational And Charitable Trust
Sri Sai Darshan Trust
St. Josheph's Non-Formal Educational Trust
St. Peter's Institute Of Higher Education And Research
Star Skill Foundation
Techno Economic Studies And Training Foundation
Thalam Charitable Trust
Thanga Guru Educational Trust
The Banyan
The Candles
The Devakiammal Rural Development Trust
The Karalapakkam Society For Rural And Sustainable Development
The Shalom Ministries
The Society Of St Eugene
The Village Evangelisation Of India Mission
Thiruppani Trust Association
Towards Youth Foundation
Trust For Education And Rehabilitation Of Disabled Orphans And Destitute
Trust For Village Self Go
Unique Welfare Trust
Vaagai Trust
Valikatti Educational And Social Welfare Trust
Veermakali Memorial Welfare Trust
Vel Tech Rangarajan Dr Saguthala R&D Institute Of Science And Technology Trust
Vel Tech Technology Incubator
Venus Education Trust
Village Integration Social Educational Development Trust
Village Peoples Development Charitable Trust
Welfare Of Orphan And Rural Development Trust
Widow Women Welfare Trust
Women Organisation And Rural Literacy Development Turst
Zamar Educational And Charitable Trust

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